Mental Illness means a substantial disorder of thinking, mood, perception, orientation or memory that grossly impairs judgment, behaviour, capacity to recognise reality or ability to meet the ordinary demands of life, mental conditions associated with the abuse of alcohol and drugs, but does not include mental retardation which is a condition of arrested or incomplete development of the mind of a person, specially characterised by sub-normality of intelligence.

Mental illness is recognised by observing persistent change in a person behaviour mood thinking and work performance and social relationship these should be affect his personal social and occupational life adversely.

Treatments vary for different kinds of mental illness. For severe mental illness, specialized medication is used. A combination of medication, practical assistance, specialized counseling and / or psychotherapy are the most effective treatments. Call your family doctor or the Psychiatrist to seek help immediately. Other charges would be a fee charged for the crew. The crew's flight time is included in the hourly rate, but any wait time on the ground is billed separately. Catering on board the aircraft is also billed per trip.

Half Way Home is a place where people suffering from severe Mental Illness after reasonable recover are kept HWH prepares them for living in their own home and community by improving them psychosocial skills HWH provides residential care with training programme.

Firstly, they are not ‘patients’, we call them ‘Clients/Trainees’. We ask them to give an idea of what the programme can include, here’s an example of a daily schedule:
Waking call
Planning meeting
Some residents go to Day Care Centre for vocational training. Others take part in house maintenance and group activities.
Leisure time
Each day of the week different activities are planned. These include skill learning, tailoring, art & Craft, group counseling, recreational activity, computer, dance and music
Leisure time – games, walks etc.

Fellowship have professional who have been trained within the facility for treating patients with chronic Mental Illness supervise their work. In addition, the support staff is there to help in cleaning and cooking etc..

About one-third of people with chronic and severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia or depression, do develop certain disabilities that may require them to undergo psychosocial rehabilitation programmes. Some of them will benefit from staying in a halfway home. Each person’s need is different, and a decision is made in consultation with the treating doctor, the therapist, the patient and his/her family regarding the necessity and possible benefits, with such a programme.

The maximum stay recommended is for one year. Some residents may stay for 6 to 9 months, but a longer commitment to the full year enables client to achieve full benefit.

You need to be referred by your psychiatrist back home, so that a local psychiatrist can manage your follow-up and medication as and when necessary. The staff at the Fellowship can help you to consult a local psychiatrist, during your stay. You can also continue your treatment with your original consultant

Generally, a client's consent is necessary before admitting him/ her to the halfway home. Our staff may persuade someone to stay by explaining the benefits of staying here, but we do not use force of any kind or lock the clients up hence unwilling patients are not admitted.

Yes, an application form needs to be filled in by the applicant’s family as well as the referring psychiatrist. You can get application forms at the Branch office. You can also download our form online.

You will be informed about the vacancy for admission at the home, within a week of the receipt of your completed application form. Your ward will be required to spend a period ranging from one to two weeks as “Trial Stay” at the halfway home before a formal confirmation of admission is made. During this period, one family member should be available locally.

Yes, it is essential to identify a local guardian who can be in touch with the client, the family back home and the staff from time to time.

The family has to make a formal application in a form, which is available at our office, and the same will need to be filled completely, including the signatures by the applicant and a family member. The family also has to sign an “undertaking” regarding the legal guardianship and other issues. The form will be scrutinized by the Admission Committee and will be discussed further with the applicant and family members, before the admission is finalized.

An "interest free" refundable deposit is to be made at the time of admission apart from the monthly fee. In addition the family has to bear the monthly expenditure incurred towards medication and pocket money
a. Processing Fee Rs. 500/= To be given along with Admission Form.
b. Refundable deposit Rs. 30,000/= One time deposit on admission returnable after discharge of the patient and clearance of dues.
c. Monthly Charges for food, accommodation and professional support at Halfway Home Rs. 25,000/= Single occupancy Rs. 17,000/= Double bedded (2 persons in a room) Payment to be made before 5th of every month.
d. Pocket Money Rs. 500/= Optional
e. Medicines for the patient Entire amount to be paid depending on the medication being given
f. Associate Membership to be taken by the parent/guardian Alternatively : Life Membership (RFS) Rs. 1,000/= Rs. 3,000/= Onetime payment on admission.

The length of stay in halfway home will be agreed with individuals and their families.

In the context of mental health, a day care centre is a place for people with mental illness to spend their day in a special learning, protected and a compassionate environment. Members attend the day care between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Here they gain vocational and social skills that help them to re-integrate with their family and community. Day care also brings respite to care-giving family members of those afflicted with serious mental illness.

Men or women, aged between 18 and 45 years, with any major psychiatric disorders, mild mental retardation, or chronic epilepsy with behavioral problems, can attend our day care center.

Application forms are available at the office. You can also download our form online. Application also requires that patients must be referred by their psychiatrist.

After the application form is screened, a date is fixed for a trial stay of about a month’s duration. On successful completion of the trial stay, an Admission Committee finalizes the admission and the applicant continues as a full-fledged member at the day care.

a. Processing Fee Rs. 500/= To be given along with Admission Form.
b. Monthly Charges Rs. 2000/= Patients will bring their own food
c. Charges for Psychiatric consultation and medicine will be separate.

Yes, we have a transport facility to and from the day care centre for which monthly fee is charged. If you are interested, please contact the branch office.