About Us

The Richmond Fellowship Society is the World’s largest global charity network concentrating on mental health. The fellowship was established in Banglore in 1986 with the help of its founder Ms. Elly Jansen, OBE from U.K. and initiative of our mentor Dr. G. N. Narayana Reddy . Over the years the Fellowship has become a major source of rehabilitation for the mentally ill in India . The Fellowship’s rehabilitation centers were established at Bengaluru, Delhi, Sidlaghatta and Lucknow. These centers are providing psychosocial treatment for the chronic mentally ill. The Fellowship uses Therapeutic Community approach and uses skills and compassion to enable mentally ill to rebuild their lives with dignity.

RFS (I) Lucknow Branch started in March 2005 under the guidance of Prof. A. K. Agrawal and twelve founder members.

Dr. A. K. Agrawal- President
Dr. Prabhat Sitholey- Vice-President
Late Dr. P.K. Chaturvedi- Secretary
Mr. Sudhir Kumaria- Treasurer
Governing Council Members
Dr. Shashi Rai
Dr. Harjeet Singh
Late Dr. J.K. Trivedi
Dr. S. C. Gupta
Dr. Abha Awasthi
Mr. Sudersh Awasthi
Mrs. Bulbul Godiyal
Dr. S. C. Godiyal


  • To create public awareness and enhance the understanding about mental illness.
  • To remove stigma associated with mental illness.
  • To offer skilled help to those who are suffering from chronic mental illness and bring them back into main stream.
  • To promote positive mental health in the community.
  • This is to encourage caretaker to share their problems with each other and to find base to achieve betterment of their wards.

    The mental health scene in U.P. is depressing and more than 90% of the mentally ill are not getting any treatment. RFS has been trying to provide facilities to the mentally ill in a very humble way. We have constructed our own building to develop practical models for proper treatment and rehabilitation of the mentally ill. The building has been named “Nav Uday Mansik Swasthya Sansthan”. We will develop new effective models for the treatment of mental illness as well as training facilities for innovative mental health strategies suitable to our country especially to common people in our area. How to make the services effective and affordable is a big challenge. However with the generous support of our well wishers, parents and caregivers we are hopeful to achieve our objectives.

    • To help persons suffering from mental illness and emotional disturbances for their rehabilitation and integration into the family and the society.
    • To develop a Model Mental Health Care cum Training Center

    • To create awareness regarding Mental Health.
    • To Eradicate prevailing misunderstandings, prejudices and stigma attached to mental illness.
    • To Spread the message that Mental Illness is treatable like any other illness.
    • To Provide appropriate behavioural, social and vocational training to the mentally ill persons for their rehabilitation.

    Down the memory lane - Our journey (March 2005 – 2019)
    March 2005- Establishment of RFS (I) Lucknow Branch
    25 June 2005- Out Reach Programme Started In sidhauli Rural area in Sita Pur
    13 May 2006 - Opening Of Uday Day Care Centre at B-111, Sector-C, Mahanagar, Lucknow
    June 2006- Services started at Uday Day Care Centre
    29 Sept 2006- Registration of Land (400 sq. m. in Gomti Nagar)
    7 April 2009- First Caregivers meet was organized at Uday Day Care
    10 April 2009- Fortnightly free camp by Dr. H. K. Agarwal.
    Dec 2009- Formation of an association by the parents & caregivers named ‘Manorogi Kalyan Sansthan’
    Jan 2010- Started Publication of monthly ‘Abhibhavak Gosthi Sandesh’
    10 Oct 2010- Started building constructions at Viraj Khand – 5, Gomti Nagar with Bhoomi Poojan
    20 Dec 2010- Started first batch of Internship Training Programme
    May 2011- SBI donated us a 8 seater Maruti Van.
    17 March 2012- Hawan (Pooja) was performed at the new Premises Nav Uday
    26 March 2012- Shifted to our New Building ‘Nav Uday Mansik Swasthya Sansthan’
    30 Aug 2013- Our website was launched with financial support from Alkem Pentacare Website: www.rfslucknow.com
    24 Aug 2013- First admission to halfway home took place.
    19th June 2014- An Acting workshop was organized for our clients, interns and staff.
    24 Jan 2015- Exhibition of products made by our clients.
    2 May 2015 - A MOU was signed with AIBAS, Amity University, Lucknow.
    January 2016- State Bank of India have donated us ‘Tata Winger’ vehicle.
    25 June 2016- MOU signed with MD Northern Railways, PRCL for sponsorship of Day Care.

    Annual Functions and Workshop Themes
    30 Jan 2009- ‘Empowerment of Parents and Caregivers of mentally ill’
    27 March 2010- ‘Ek Nai Subah’
    26 March 2011- ‘Mental Health is not a curse’
    9-10 Mar 2013- ‘Rehabilitation in Mental Illnesses’
    14 Mar 2015- ‘Challenges of Rehabilitation of Mentally Ill in Uttar Pradesh’
    12th March 2016- ‘Dignity in Mental Health’
    18th March, 2017- ‘Depression: Let’s Talk’
    23rd March, 2018’- ‘Mental Health Act 2017 and Its Implementation in Uttar Pradesh’
    16th March, 2019’- ‘Mental Health and Rehabilitation’
    16th April 2022:- 'Positive Mental Health'

    Our vision for the future
    • We are trying to strengthen our counseling and guidance services to clients and their guardians regarding various issues like legal, marital and job.
    • Encourage other mental health professional to start rehabilitation services in their own areas and our branch can act as model centre to help others.
    • In the coming years we are planning to conduct awareness programme in various schools and colleges as today’s child is tomorrow adult and they in turn will spread awareness in the whole community.
    • We want to motivate and encourage people to give jobs to our clients who have become better after the treatment and also want people to come forward to help us in marketing of things made by our clients.